Produced by Illis Production, this short movie taking place in the 80’s uses all the codes of this era including the music. This synthwave soundtrack, heavily inspired by the full analog OST of the 80’s is produced by a member of Born To Score also working under his electro artist name, signing this soundtrack by MALO, quickly awarded for Best Original Score by several big competition like the Los Angeles Film Awards.

“It is the 1980’s, France, where Tony, a young third-generation Spaniard immigrant, who is a rebel with a heart of gold, fights for a life he desires despite an abusive and violent father controlling his every move. He bonds with a group of reckless immigrant outcasts from the street that he sees a family. Is the path he is embarking on going to lead him to a dark and uncertain future ?”

  • Directed by: Hugo Diego Garcia

  • Music style:


  • Special featuring: